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Google is About to Give Your Gmail Account a Much-Needed Makeover: Click Here For Details


Google recently released updates to features within GSuite that are just too good not to share…

 If you’d like to learn more about the features listed below, or any other tech topic, submit a work order and select “Training” and let us know when you’re available. For a complete list of GSuite updates, check out GSuite Updates blog​! 

Smarter sharing of files with updated Google Drive Access checker – ​​When you send an email, calendar invite, or other communication that includes a Drive file, Access checker automatically looks to see if the people you’re sending the message to have permissions to view the file. If they don’t, Access checker asks if you want to change the permissions before you share the file.

Google Chrome Password Manager – ​Available for students & staff! 

  • Eliminates the need to remember and manage various logins & passwords, and saves all your Bookmarks!
  • Accessible on any device Chrome is installed, simply login and all your Bookmarks & logins are saved!
  • Reinforces the process of using District login to access computers and instructional programs, at home and in school.
  • Maintain compliance and reinforces safe and secure practices as stated in the AUP.
  • Recapture hours throughout the year! Contact the Tech Dept and we’d be happy to work with you and your students. ​

​​GSuite​ Activity Pane – ​Available for students & staff! 

  • ​Monitor all activity, check to see who made recent edits & manage who can see and/or edit files in Google Drive.
  • Great feature for teachers to track student activity on Google assignments, especially for group activities.
  • Allows for teachers and students to easily manage shared and restricted files, as well as identify suspicious activity.

Security Alerts – Activated for students & staff!​ Contact the Tech Dept if you receive a Security Alert email from Google, (see below). Also, check your “Recently used devices

If you are you new to Google Apps (G mail, GoogleDocs, Google Calendar, GoogleSheets, Google Drive), or just want to learn a bit more about these applications?  Check out:

How To Use Google Slides

How To Use Google Docs

How To Use Google Sheets

Google Apps Learning Center . Just follow the on-screen directions.

Training for Google Apps . Once you connect to the site, press the ‘Add to Chrome‘ button located at the top right-hand corner of the Training for Google Apps page. Then, once you open one of the Google Apps, you will see what appears to be a multi-colored, circular icon with a question mark in its’ center in the upper right-hand corner. If you click on this icon, an in-app training menu will open.

Google Education Training Center . Fundamentals and advanced training on Google Tools and devices such as the Android tablets and Chromebooks. You could also become as certified trainer.

Export Grades to Google Sheets-

  1. Go to
  2. Click the class and then click the assignment in the class stream.
  3. Click  > Copy all grades to Google Sheets.
  4. A spreadsheet with all the grades for the course is created in your Classroom Google Drive folder.

What Else is New in Google

The New Google Calender is Here- Check It Out

The Google Backup & Sync App is Now Available to Help Maintain Your Computer Files

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Google now offers the same convenient search feature in Google Drive that it does in Google. Natural Language Processing is a fancy way of saying ‘type like you talk’. Drive will interpret what you mean and give you the option to click for those specific search results. And NLP gets better with every subsequent query.

Autocorrect for Misspelled Words-If your brain is working faster than your fingers, Google Drive has a new autocorrect feature that suggests corrections for misspelled search terms.

Some More New Stuff…