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About this picture: Students at MDL Kindergarten Center Watch Chickens Grow in an Incubator

Student academic achievement and social responsibility are the primary goals of the teachers and staff of the Kennett Consolidated School District. The KCSD Technology Dept. is committed to providing the technological tools and services to help students to achieve these goals.

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Today in History

Earthquake Rocks Alaska

Born on this Day

In 1780, German inventor and mathematician August L. Crelle built the first Prussian Railway.

In 1785, Louis XVII, pretender to the throne during the French Revolution.

In 1809, Georges-Eugene Haussmann, French town planner, designed modern-day Paris.

In 1813, Nathaniel Currier, lithographer for Currier and Ives.

In 1844, Adolphus Washington Greely,  American Arctic explorer.

In 1845, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, German physicist, accidentally discovered X-rays.

In 1847, German chemist Otto Wallach won the Nobel Prize in 1910.

In 1863, Sir Henry Royce, cofounder of the Rolls-Royce automotive company.

In 1879, Edward Steichen, pioneer of American photography.

In 1905, Hungarian mathematician Laszlo Kalmar discovered mathematical logic and was the founder of theoretical computer science in Hungary.

In 1906, Pee Wee Russell, jazz clarinetist.

In 1910, John Robinson Pierce, the father of communications satellites.

In 1914, Budd Schulberg, journalist, novelist and screenwriter (What Makes Sammy Run).

In 1922, Margaret Stacey, noted sociologist.

In 1923, Louis Simpson, Pultizer Prize-winning poet.

In 1924, Sarah Vaughan, jazz singer.

**For a more complete listing of birthdays, see  On This Day

A History of Invention

March 26

In 1790, the first shoelaces were invented.

In 1990, Harold Osrow and Zvi Bleier received a patent for a portable ice cream machine.

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Our Word of the Day: juniorate (n)

1-a course of high school or college study for candidates  for the priesthood, brotherhood, or sisterhood; specif: one preparatory to the course in philosophy

2-a seminary for juniorate training

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus