KnowBe4: It’s not your personal computer..

It’s not your personal computer..

Should you be doing that on your work computer?

Personal pictures, social networking, online banking… These are the kind of things that you should try not to have/do on your work computer. Work computers are for work, visiting work-related web sites, researching, emailing, generating Powerpoint slideshows, etc. Much like posts to social networking sites… everything you say or do can be used against you.

Acceptable use policy

Visit our District’s Acceptable Use Policy, (Board Policy 816), but basically, be aware that “Users have no privacy expectation in the contents of their personal files or any of their use of the School District’s CIS systems. The School District reserves the right to monitor, track, log, and access CIS systems use and to monitor and allocate fileserver space.” Visited web sites, how much time is spent on Facebook, playing solitaire, instant messenger chat… technically all of this can be monitored.

– Think about what you are doing… and realize, that it can be logged. Anything you post on the internet is there forever.

Be safe online

Especially when it comes to visiting web sites or opening personal email… those actions that take place on your work computer can affect other work computers. If you happen to visit a site that has malware on your work computer, you may now have exposed the rest of the company to a malware infection.
It is difficult to explain why you were doing what you were doing when its against the policy to be performing non-work related activities on your work computer.


Try to be aware that you are using a computer that is not yours, things you do on that computer are not private. Lawyers say that anything that happens on the district network, the district owns and can monitor. The Tech department does not have the time and resources to monitor everything, but if you give them a reason to, administrators may ask them to.