BYOT Permission Form For Students

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Permission Form
Kennett Consolidated School District

Kennett Consolidated School District, as part of a pilot program, will allow students to bring in their personal devices in order to enhance the learning environment through the infusion of technology into the curriculum. Our goal is to extend student learning through the development & accessibility of available tools and resources, encouraging active participation & engagement, and collaboration & productivity. The expectation is that these devices will be used for academic purposes only and limited to classes where the teacher has approved utilization. Reinforcement of our district’s Acceptable Use Policy, in addition to the expectations and consequences of the initiative, will be discussed in-class with the students.

Thank you for your support and please fill out and return the permission slip with you child no later than DATE TBD.

Rationale and Expectations

The Kennett Consolidated School District encourages those students voluntarily participating in the pilot program to bring their own devices upon acknowledging that this is a unique opportunity accompanied with specific expectations concerning appropriate use and recognition and that they are responsible for their device at all times.

Personal technology devices include, but are not limited, to any Wi-Fi capable mobile device, including laptop computers, netbooks, iPod Touches, iPads, and other tablets. Cell phones of any kind, including smart phones, are not to be included in this pilot at the middle school level. For high school students participating in the pilot, smart phone use is restricted to a Student Response System, or “clicker”, and must be accessed using the district’s network and not 3G/4G.

Students are not required to bring in their own technology, as this is a voluntary pilot. For those without their own device, a variety of technologies will be available at the school for all students to use in class, when required. Students who have access to the school’s technology, or who bring their own, must use it in accordance with these established guidelines for the purpose of learning. The school will monitor technological activities that take place on campus during the school day including logging website access, newsgroup access, bandwidth, and network use. All devices must have the latest anti-virus software installed, which will not be provided by the district.

Acceptable Use Guidelines

  1. Students must register their devices with the school prior to using them in the building.


  1. All students are to access the designated Guest wireless network that is filtered and secure in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Children’s Online Protection Act and the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Students are required to disable their own subscribed network and connect to the school server during school hours. Any student who accesses material on his or her own device, which is blocked by our system, will be in breach of the KCSD acceptable use policy.


  1. Use of personal technology devices is at the discretion of the teacher and may be accessed only when instructed by the teacher. Students may not use earbuds or headphones, make phone calls, watch videos, or take pictures or videos unless directed to do so by the teacher.


  1. Teachers and Administrators have the right to monitor use of personal technological devices at any time.


  1. Students are advised to keep their devices on their person or locked in a locker. KCSD takes no responsibility for lost or stolen devices. Thefts of property will be investigated and reported to the proper authorities.


  1. Students are expected to charge their devices at home.


  1. Students who use technology to complete assignments are expected to hand all assignments in on time, even if technology issues arise. Students are encouraged to always have a back-up plan and hard copy. KCSD acknowledges that problems may arise with the use of technology that are out of the student’s control. These issues will be handled on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the classroom teacher.


  1. Students are required to comply fully with this Policy and to report immediately any violations or suspicious activities to the teacher, building principals or the Superintendent. Conduct otherwise will result in actions further described in the Access Restriction section of this form and provided in other relevant School District policies, regulations, rules, and procedures.

Support for Personal Devices

As a participant in the BYOT pilot, teachers are expected to create web-based activities that are not device, nor application specific, to assure ease of accessibility no matter the device. Due to the BYOT pilot being a paperless initiative, there is also no need for printing capabilities on any of the personal devices. Beyond assisting in the initial connection to the specified Guest wireless network and basic troubleshooting by the teacher, the district does not support personal technology devices in any way, including software installation or support.

Personal devices may not be used in the following ways:

  • Unlawful activities—including harassment and/or bullying
  • Commercial purposes
  • Personal financial gain
  • False identity in any communications
  • Misrepresentation of Kennett Consolidated School District
  • Interference with district technology operations

Access Restriction

The BYOT initiative is considered a privilege accorded at the discretion of the Kennett Consolidated School District. The District maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of personal devices when there is reason to believe that violations of law or District policies have occurred. In the event that a student’s loses access for any amount of time, the teacher will provide an alternative assignment and/or means of communication.

  • First violation: If a student uses technology in an inappropriate manner, a meeting will take place with the student/parent/building administrator/teacher to clearly define the expectations. If a violation of the guidelines has been determined, the student will lose the privilege for the remainder of the school year.
  • Second violation: If a student uses technology in violation of the guidelines a second time, the student will lose the privilege for the remainder of their school career.


Users should have no expectation of privacy in anything they create, store, send, receive, or display on or over the school district’s CIS Systems, and the school district’s authorized third parties’ systems, including their personal files or any of their use of the school district’s CIS Systems. The School District reserves the right to access, view, record, check, receive, monitor, track, log, store, access, and otherwise inspect and use any and all CIS systems, and authorized third parties’ and third party systems use and to monitor and allocate fileserver space.

Please return this portion below ASAP.




_____ I give permission for my child to participate in the pilot.

_____ I do not give permission for my child to participate in the pilot.

Student name: ______________________________________________Grade: ________________

Parent signature: ____________________________________________Date: ________________

 Student :

I agree to adhere to the guidelines stated above for use of my personal technology device as a participant of the pilot program and understand that I am fully responsible for the device at all times.

Student signature:___________________________________________ Date: ________________

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Dan Maguire, Supervisor of Technology Services, at 610.444.4136.