What’s New for the 2019-2020 Schoolyear

For new teachers and returning staff….

            Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!


1-The year-long transition from Acer Travelmate laptops to Dell 3490 laptops for teachers and staff is complete.  Thanks to all those who participated in making this a successful transition. Google Backup and Sync has been incorporated as a file saving system on all new laptops. Desktop and Document files are being backed up to the individual user’s Google Drive account.

2-All VM’s have been removed from the A, B and C wing labs, the library and the library classroom at KMS. These VMs have been replaced with Dell Optiplex desktop computers, new monitors and keyboards in all but C-wing lab at KMS. C-wing lab was outfitted with Dell laptops per the instructor’s (Mr. Reggio) request.

3-All macbooks, excluding one cart at KMS, have been removed and replaced with Dell Chromebooks.

4-All but 8 iMacs have been removed from the HS Library and replaced with Dell Optiplex computers and new monitors.

5-The laptop loaner program was updated. Aging macbooks were replaced with 270 Chromebooks (60 each at KHS and KMS; 30 each at the other schools).

6Work Orders– In order to expedite the completion of work orders, please supply the following information:
a- If your assigned laptop is having issues, please let us know when you will be available in your classroom.
b-Please be sure to fill in the blank for your room number. Each year, teachers change rooms and this will help us narrow down the search.
c-If the repair is to be done on a laptop from a movable cart, please leave the device to be repaired on the desktop of the author of the work order. We  will pick it up there. Also, we will return it to the same spot when it is repaired.
d-Please identify the specific device that is having issues. All devices are labeled.