The Greenwood Dino-Soar

Each year, the faculty of the Greenwood Elementary School bet on who will raise the most money at the annual Book Fair. Normally, the winner is either Mr. John Boyer or Mrs. Elizabeth Weaver. This year, as a result of a last minute anonymous contribution (thanks Mr. Boyer) it was Mrs. Weaver.

The theme of this year’s Book Fair was dinosaurs, and, as a consequence of winning, Mrs. Weaver was “forced” to wear a dinosaur costume to the April Spirit Assembly.

                                                                           Mrs. Weaver in her dinosaur finest

What Mrs. Weaver didn’t know was that the GW Art Department (under the direction of Mrs. Meghan Bergman and with the help of some very talented students) had a little April Fool’s Day surprise in store for her. The surprise was in the form of a 10 foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex made from paper mache`.

                                                                         T-Rex made by the GW Art Department


Mrs. Bergman (right), Mrs. Tracy Marino(center), GW Principal, and Technical Advisor Bodie Fenstermacher (left)

T-Rex was made to be mobile, thereby being able to chase Mrs. Weaver around the auditorium…

Until Mrs. Weaver was finally captured..

Congratulations to the staff and students of Greenwood Elementary School for a job well done!