The KCSD Technology Application Process

KCSD Technology Application Revised & Deadline Extended! Embracing Best Practice and Encouraging Collaboration & Exploration, (All Applications DUE by March 15th) 

  • Feedback from several staff members indicated that the previous process has become somewhat cumbersome and time consuming. The revised, consolidated application supports a more collaborative and investigative process by requiring the team members to research new resources and best practices and explore various devices and programs to “see what’s out there,” while maintaining focus on student activities and achievement. The process requires teams to work with others within the District as well as other educators, organizations and partners, to identify the devices and programs that will best address our students’ needs and continuously push them to achieve.
  • We strongly recommend starting the process by identifying the programs, software & websites currently being utilized effectively; (with data to substantiate), then dedicating time to research additional programs, websites, devices, etc., worth considering, both short and long term. Teams are also strongly encouraged to schedule opportunities to reach out to other Districts and service providers, as well as meet as a team, along with Curriculum Supervisors and members of Technology Department, to provide insight, support and guidance throughout the process.
  • An application does NOT need to be submitted to maintain current technology, UNLESS the devices are approaching end of life. Please be aware that submitting an Application is not a guarantee of resources. Although the District continues to do everything possible to accommodate all submitted applications, the timeline for purchasing is determined by the availability of funding as well as other factors to assure the effective implementation and maintenance of the proposed resources.


Steps to access and submit the KCSD Technology Application (Revised) 

  1. Click here to access the Technology Application 
  2. Go to File > Make a copy
  3. Rename file within your Google Drive account (title specific to grade level/team/course and year; KMSmath8_2019)
  4. Share file with team and begin collaborating & completing Application
  5. Share completed Application with Dan & Admin Team for review (March 15th DEADLINE, No Exceptions!)
  6. Teams will be notified of the Administrative Team’s decision by May 1st ​