The KHS Robotics Club


If you’ve ever wondered what the STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) program at KMS and KHS produces with regard to student achievement, look no further than the KHS Robotics Club. On several afternoons each week, as I am walking to my car, I pass a group of students and adult mentors working feverously. One group is in a classroom turned machine shop busily fabricating parts of the latest robot. Another group is working on the mechanical and electrical  assembly of the robot. Still another group is busy on laptop computers, working on computer programs that will ultimately tell the robot “what to do”.

Formed in 2011 under the direction of Mr. Dan Folmar (Physics instructor at KHS) and Steve Lawton (a student at the time) , the program started with just three students. Today, eight years later, the program has expanded to include approximately 40 students, several adult mentors, and several local business sponsors.

The adults involved currently in the project include:

         Dan Folmar – Lead Mentor and Advisor
         Christina Gorman (KHS Parent) – Marking & Communications Team Mentor
         Mike Appleby (KHS Parent) – Animation Team Mentor
         Wes Bowers (Retired Engineer) – Chassis Team Mentor
         Iliana DeLarosa (KHS Parent) – Food & Logistics Team Mentor
         Brian Lucas (PhD Student at UD) – Technical Advisor/Mentor
         Alan Null (KHS Parent) – Strategy Team Mentor
         Dom Perna (Retired Engineer) – Engineering Team Mentor
         Chris Schuetz (KHS Parent) – Hardware Team Mentor
         Mike Stankiewicz – Construction Team Mentor
         Ernie Wilson (KHS Alumni & WCU Student) – Programming Mentor

This year’s officers are:

  –        Molly Hohner – President
  –        Eliot Comanda – Vice President
  –        Olivia McLaurin – Secretary

To learn more about student involvement in robotics, and to offer assistance (either physical or financial), check out: