The Kennection Newsletter

What’s Happening in the KCSD Technology Department

1-Student Chromebooks-Members of the Technology Department spent the last several weeks handing out Chromebooks to those students who do not have access to a computer at home. Over 1200 Chromebooks along with their power supplies, as well as hundreds of mobile “hot spots” have been supplied. Hot spots were supplied for those students without home wireless access. The purpose of this program is to facilitate on-line learning while Pennsylvania schools are closed due to the Cononavirus outbreak.

2-Staff Dell Laptop Rollout-  The transition of staff laptops from the Acer Travelmate series to the Dell Latitude 3490 series is complete. These laptops do not have built-in DVD-CD players. However, we have delivered players to each school library. Please contact the School Librarian to confirm if there are any available players to sign out for use. If not, please request that they submit a work order to secure a few for the building. If a team utilizes the devices on a consistent basis, have a member of the team submit a work order on behalf of the other members, requesting 1-2 DVD/CD players to share. The new laptops also do not have touchscreens are are a litle smaller in size vs. the Travelmates. However, they are very fast,and, with the augmentation of Google Backup and Sync, no data is ever lost.

The new Dells use Windows 10 as their operating system. If you are unfamiliar with or have questions concerning Windows 10, please refer to the Windows 10 Cheatsheet. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress, but hopefully will guide you through some of the more troubling issues.

3-Replacement of Vertual Machines (VMs)-The VMs have been removed from the KMS Library, KMS Library classroom, and A,B, and C-wing labs. The VMs have been replaced by Dell Optiplex desktop computers and new Dell monitors.

3a-Replacement of MAC Computers in the HS Library-Approximately 20 iMac desktop computers have been replaced by Optiplex desktop computers and new Dell monitors. There are, however, roughly 15 MAC desktop computers remaining, thus maintaining a mixed computer environment.

4-Removal of Apple laptops-We have removed all Apple laptops except for 1 cart in the KMS Library. These laptops were replaced with Chromebooks as loaner laptops.

5-Substitute Teacher Laptops– Stationary carts are being set up in the library at each school for substitute teacher use. The goals of this program are two-fold:

  •  Substitute teachers would not be using either student or teacher laptops. This certainly helps with cyber-security, since teachers would not be giving out their login passwords to substitute teachers.
  • Substitute teachers would be able to continue with teacher lesson plans, since they would essentially have the same tools available to them as do regular staff.

6-Schoology-Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) that has been adopted by KCSD at both the Kennett Middle School and High School. This system allows teachers to post assignments online, students to complete assignments online at their convenience, and teachers to post grades online. Parent access to student’s Schoology account is now available.

7-Student Device Support– The KCSD Technology Department is responsible for maintaining over 5,000 student computers. This figure does not include maintainence responsibility for phones, printers, and teacher laptops.

8-The New Technology Application-The technology application has been streamlined and simplified. Click Here to see a more complete explanation of the application process.

9-Clever-a single sign-on solution for students, has been implemented. It allows students to input their user name and password only once to subsequently log into programs such as Accelerated Reader and Aleks, instead of having to individually log into these Applications.

10-Web Cams have been installed at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center as an aid to student logins.

11-New Projectors- New interactive Epson projectors are being installed throughout the District, either to replace outdated equipment, ie., Smartboards, or because no projectors had previously been employed. These projectors are very bright and the interactive pens are proving to be very solid.