The KCSD Technology Department

  • Dan Maguire-Supervisor of Technology Services
  • Mark Fisher-Assist. Supervisor (Phones, Network, Wireless Issues)
  • Bob Wilson-Staff and Student Accounts/Email/Network Issues
  • Brad Shomo-Help Desk/Windows Support/Equipment Repairs
  • Ken Altizer-Windows Software Packaging and Deployment/Help Desk
  • Mike Donovan-Mac Software Packaging and Deployment/iPads/Chromebooks/Help Desk
  • Steve Rinehart-Windows, Mac, Chromebook Support/Equipment Repairs/Kennection Website/Help Desk

Information Technolgy

  • Kevin Bridges-Manager of Information Systems
  • Tom Ryan-Data Analyst

Ones and zeros can be really boring!  Technology can be really frustrating and leave you running for the Advil when it doesn’t work. I wrote Kennection to reflect the softer, and sometimes funnier, side of technology. I want to present a streamlined and expedient updating of District technology events, as well as a little humor and some photos of technology being used in the District.

In the For KCSD Staff section, you will find the new technology installed over the summer and ready to use by both students and staff. There is also information concerning backing up your data (Google Backup and Sync).There are also sections on the care and maintenance of your laptop and a primer for new teachers as well as returning staff.

In the For Students section, topics are focused more on emerging technology (Tech Innovations) and how this technology relates to everyday life. Hopefully, the topics outlined in this section will promote student curiosity and success.

The For Parents section presents articles on 21st century and blended learning. It gives parents a glimpse of the future of education with an emplasis on individualized learning.

Forgotton something? Or just want to learn something new? The Tutorials section provides a fairly comprehensive list of instructional websites.

The Cybersecurity section provides weeky tips to keep you safe on-line and help to prevent your data from being hacked or stolen.

Community Corner provides insight into the relationship between the KCSD Technology Department and the Kennett Community. Programs such as the laptop loaner program, and the BYOT (bring your own technology) program highlight this ongoing effort.

I hope you find this site both educational and enjoyable! Your comments are always welcome.