What’s New For 2018-19

For new teachers and returning staff….

            Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!

The KCSD Technology Department has been busy planning and implementing many technology improvements for the upcoming year. Among the most notable are:

1-Staff Laptop Replacement Throughout the course of the 2018-19 school year, we will be replacing your existing Acer TravelMate laptops with Dell 3490 laptops. For more information concerning these new laptops, please Click Here.

2-Google Backup andSync-Crashplan, as a data backup solution, is ending this fall. We are replacing Crashplan with  Google Backup and Sync as our recommended data backup solution. Some of the advantages of Backup and Sync include:
-for educators, it is free and Google provides unlimited storage space
-you can backup selected folders
-files/folders are backed up to Google Drive. This means you will have access to your files on any        computer, anywhere
-you can delete files from your laptop and have the option of deleting or retaining these files on Google Drive
-it will streamline our transition to the new laptops, since we don’t have to manually reinstall user data

To learn how to install Google Backup and SyncClick Here. 

3-Notebook 17.1Adobe Flash is going away this fall.  As a result, a lot of Flash-based programs such as those in the presently used Notebook 14 won’t run properly. We are upgrading everyone to Notebook 17.1, and we will be advising anyone who has Flash-based Notebook files to use Smart Express.

4-Macbook ReplacementOver the summer, we replaced the Macbooks at both the NG and GW libraries with Chromebooks. We will use the best of the Macbooks for the loaner laptop program.

5-Dell 3330 Replacement-We also replaced the Dell 3330  laptops with Chromebooks.

6-Sharepoint is being integrated into Schoology (end-date of Sharepoint to be determined)

7-Enhanced Technology Support-
Several teachers at each school have been tapped as Tech Integration Specialists:
KHS-Tammy Gentekos, Jenn Schmalzbach, Chanel August
KMS-Erica Pye, Nev Lynch
Bancroft-Deb Giles, Kelly Pin
Greenwood-Kelly Figueroa, Brian Rafferty
Mary D. Lang-Marie Lawson, Natalie Vanhoorebeke
New Garden-TBD

Their support at the building level will be in the form of training sessions,individual and team meetings, faculty meetings, etc. They will provide 3-4 hours of support each month with their schedule established by building administration and staff.

-Monthly Building Needs Assessment
We will be sending out a survey to determine specific training needs at each building.

Monthly Building Training Sessions
We plan on having training sessions at each site. Training will be conducted by Curriculum supervisors as well members of the Information Systems and Technology Departments.

Individualized Training
We gladly provide individual or group training sessions focusing on topic of interest, from very basic to more advanced topics. If you are interested, simply select ‘Training‘ from the list of categories in the Web Help Desk work order system.

Room 21
Room 21, located in the lower floor of the Annex building, has been transformed into a state of the art technology suite, with new furniture, new technology, and a new purpose. The room will be open to teachers and staff, working either individually or collectively. The technology maintained in Room 21 is the same as that found in the classrooms, as well as some new technologies that will be available for testing/piloting. A schedule and sign-up sheet will be available soon.

KCSD Technology Support Schoology Group
Get access to updates, timely reasources, and program references, as well as a supportive, secure forum for posting questions, issues related to Schoology.

8-Expanding Kajeets
We will increasing the number of Kajeets (personal Internet hotspots), thereby making the Internet more accessible to Kennett students at home.