KCSD Teacher Laptop Replacement 2018-19

In preparation for the transition, please;

  • ​Carefully read the information below, focusing especially on what files will be transitioned to the new laptops. Photos, music & videos will not be transferred. 
  • Take some time to review the files currently on your Acer and delete any unnecessary files before backing up. Organize files on your Desktop into folders and transition into Documents
  • Confirm that you have Google Backup and Sync installed and running on your current Acer laptop. Follow the steps on Google Backup and Sync wiki to install & configure
    • If you’re unsure, let us know and we can check so that you have a backup in place prior to the laptop transition.
    • ​Google Backup and Sync MUST BE INSTALLED and the sync complete or your laptop cannot be transitioned
  • Bring your Polyvision pen and USB dongle if you have a Polyvision board
  • Bring your fully charged laptop and charger to the Transition Session.
  • Be aware that at this time we will not be transitioning long term subs to the new laptops.