Community Corner


  Members of the Technology Department Handing Out Laptops During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Kennett Consolidated School District Technology Department is committed to serving the Kennett community. Some of the on-going,  student-community initiatives are explained:

Student Chromebooks-Members of the Technology Department spent the last several days handing out Chromebooks to those students who do not have access to a computer at home. Over 300 Chromebooks along with power supplies were given to elementary, middle, and high school students. We also gave out roughly 100 mobile hotspots to those households without Internet access. The purpose of this program is to facilitate homebound on-line learning while Pennsylvania schools are closed due to the Cononavirus outbreak.

To facilitate the “delivery” of these Chromebooks, multiple drive up stations were setup in the parking lot of the Kennett High School. One station was used to verify the student’s ID number, and a second station was used to hand out the laptops, power supplies, and hot spots. Members of the Technology Department were gloved and masked and maintained “social distancing” during the handout.

Another round of Chromebook delivery to students was held (again at the KHS parking lot) on April 15. Over 400 Chromebooks and 200 mobile hotspots were given out to students during a very hectic day.

This was the fourth round of student Chromebook handouts since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. To date, the Technology Department has given out over 1200 Chromebooks to Kennett students.

Loaner Laptop Program

A few years ago, we initiated a student loaner laptop program with the goal of providing home use of a laptop computer to students who could not otherwise afford to purchase one. What began as a trial program 2 years ago at Greenwood involving about 24 laptops has expanded to more than 300 laptops this year. And the program is growing every year. This also includes the STEM laptop loaner program. The loaner program has been recognized in the article “Digital Equity:’A Moral Imperative’:Part 3” by Tara Smith. Digital Equity: A Moral Imperative .

BYOT Program

Expansion of the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program. Students are encouraged to bring their own technology, laptops, tablets, etc., to school. This helps to alleviate the need for the District to purchase more  devices, thus incurring a cost saving to the taxpayers.

Equipment Recycling Program

Each year old computer equipment, computers, monitors, printers, and spent toner cartridges, are removed from classrooms and offices and replaced with updated equipment.  Old equipment is sold to a recycler, Sycamore, Inc., for either proper disposal or reuse. The District is reimbursed for all reusable equipment that is sold. These funds are used to purchase additional  student devices. All hard drives are certified by Sycamore to be erased of all data prior to disposal or reuse.

Parent Access to Schoology

Parents now have access to their child’s Schoolgy page, thus giving parents access to their child’s school assignments, the classes their child is enrolled in, and school and class announcements. For more information on Schoology, please check out Also, parents can find our on-line guide  to Schoology on the KCSD Connect Dashboard at