Laptop Return Procedure for Staff on Long Term Leave


           Leaving us?? We Need Your Laptop     

Following several requests for long term substitutes to maintain their laptop after their tenure has ended, as well as staff members on long-term leave to maintain their laptops, some without pre-approval, we wanted to communicate the associated procedures in hopes they can be reinforced at the building level, as our spare staff laptop inventory is approaching a critically low level.

Staff Laptop Procedures

Departing Personnel (with laptop)

  • Any staff member going on leave is expected to submit their staff laptop and charger to the Building Administrator / Administrative Assistant prior to or on their last work day prior to going on long-term leave.
  • Under no circumstance should a staff member provide their login or password information to another individual, nor relinquish their laptop to another employee.
  • The Building Administrator / Administrative Assistant needs to confirm receipt of the laptop of the person departing and contact Technology Department to arrange for pick up.
  • All on-leave laptops need to be processed and documented by the Technology Department. Every attempt will be made by the Technology Department to securely maintain the user’s laptop. However, there may be certain rare instances in which the laptop may need to be redistributed. In these instances, all user data will be securely stored until the return of the employee.

Requests to maintain a laptop while on leave need to be made via email to Mike Barber and Dan Maguire, and will be considered based upon the identified needs as well as availability of spare laptops.


Returning Personnel (needing laptop)

Returning staff members ​need to make arrangements with the Technology Department to pick up their laptop at least one week in advance of their actual return date.