Spotlight on Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center

“Mary D Lang Kindergarten Center has a balanced educational program that is focused on the whole child with experiences designed to expand the mental, physical, emotional, and social development of every student.”

Mrs. April Reynolds, MDL Principal

Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center

The Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center was constructed in 1972 and used until 2011 as an elementary school teaching students from grades 1 through 5. In 2011, with the construction of the Bancroft Elementary School and subsequent redistricting of the elementary schools, Mary D. Lang Elementary School became the Kindergarten Center.

Named for famed first grade teacher Mary D. Lang, who taught Kennett students for fifty years, the school was designed by Architectural firm Tobiessnn-Wenger Associates, Philadelphia, Pa. The school was constructed using an ‘open classroom’ design, i.e., instead of constructing solid walls to divide the classrooms, rooms were separated using corrugated retractable walls. This design was popular in the 1970’s and was thought to promote a better educational experience for students.

In 2011, Mary D. Lang Elementary School underwent a significant renovation in order to facilitate all-day kindergarten. This included replacement of the retractable walls with solid walls,  new colorful flooring, new lighting, new paint with much brighter colors, new classroom desks, a renovated playground area and Library. Security improvements included removal of the corrugated walls in favor of solid walls, a FOB and closed circuit TV monitor for front and rear door access, and a security system to enter into the main office and classroom area. A ‘Raptor’ system was also installed; this system scans the driver’s licenses of school visitors and then accesses a worldwide database to determine a person’s criminal history prior to entry into the classroom areas.

From a technology standpoint, six desktop Windows computers were added to each classroom in addition to several carts of Apple laptop computers for general use. In 2016, each classroom was equipped with a Polyvision interactive board and projection system, as well as several more carts of Windows laptops. Students are exposed to software programs such as Reading Eggs, Starfall, Mathseeds, ABCya and ABCmouse  to help build their reading and mathmatics abilities and comprehension. This also exposes young students to computers.

In 2017, the site of monthly School Board meetings was moved from the District Office to the Kindergarten Center.

In 1972, Mary D. Lang Elementary School opened as a ‘state-of –the-art’ facility with 400 students attending. Today, Mrs. April Reynolds, school principal, and her attentive staff teach approximately 300 students attending the ‘K-Center. With new computers, interactive boards and projection systems, it is truly a ‘state-of-the-art school for young minds.

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