What’s New for 2017-18??    


Equipment Purchases

  • For the 2017-18 school year, the Technology Department purchased a combination of more than 600 Chromebooks and Dell laptops for student use throughout the District. This is the largest purchase of laptops to date, and through careful negotiation with suppliers, came at the least per unit cost to the District.
  • The Department also purchased over 60 laptop cabinets. These cabinets house between 10 and 15 laptops each. We are switching from a mobile laptop cart system (a system in which the carts were housed in school hallways and required the students to carry the laptops to and from the carts to the classroom) to a stationary cart system (the cart is housed permanently in the classroom). This system was tested last year and it was discovered that students took much better care of permanently housed equipment.
  • Forty Asus Android tablets were purchased for an application creation course being offered at KMS.
  • Sixteen interactive boards and projectors were installed in classrooms.

Note: Purchase of this equipment was in direct response to the application/justification of new equipment and subsequent approval of the application by the Technology Department.


Schoology is a personalized learning management system designed to support a connected online learning environment. To learn more, please click on the Welcome to Schoology page.
2- Edmentum (Exact Path)

 This is the second year that the second graders at KCSD will be using Exact Path, a personalized learning system that allows teachers to access an individual student’s education level and tailor a program to optimize that student’s learning experience. To find out more about Exact Path, please visit edmentum.com/products/exact-path.

3-Laptop Loaner Program

The student laptop loaner program will continue to expand this year. The Technology Department has removed the Dell Netbooks from the program and has replaced them with Macbooks. The Department also purchased 30 Kajeet Smartspots; these are personal wifi hotspots that allow students and adults to access the Internet in homes/places that do not have Internet service. In addition, the Department has also made 30 Dell Mobile 3510 laptops available for the STEM loaner laptop program. Content is filtered for educational use only, i.e., inappropriate content is blocked.

4-Community Outreach

The Technology Department is once again partnering with the Kennett Public library and the Garage to promote student’s educational experience outside of the classroom and determine the technological needs of these facilities.

5-Exploring New Programs

The Department is currently evaluating several new programs for implementation, including WeVideo and SoundTrap for creating audio and video in grades 1-12. 300 SoundTrap and WeVideo licenses are being purchased to facilitate the evaluation and testing of the program throughout the year.

6-The District Website

The District website kcsd.org will feature two new articles each week.

7-Building Twitter and Facebook Accounts

Twitter feeds have been established for each school and Facebook accounts for each school will be available by September 2017. Twitter feeds for each school can be found at:

Bancroft Elementary School:  https://twitter.com/KCSDBancroft   

Greenwood Elementary School:  https://twitter.com/KCSDGreenwood   

New Garden Elementary School:  https://twitter.com/KCSDNewGarden 

Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center:  https://twitter.com/KCSDMaryDLang 

Kennett Middle School:  https://twitter.com/KCSDKennettMS 

Kennett High School:  https://twitter.com/KCSDKennettHS