The Thank You Project


“Thank You”- Two simple words, one simple phrase, that can open up a myriad of possibilities and opportunities in life. However, as everyday life has gotten more and more hectic, sometimes this simple phrase is either forgotten or overlooked.

Mrs. Roberta Little, a Kennett resident, during the Christmas holidays this year decided that it wasn’t enough to just verbally express gratitude for all of the gifts that we have been given. So, enlisting her grandchildren, she decided to spell out “Thank You” using ordinary household items, photograph the creation, and post the photographs on Facebook. Her goal this year is to post a different photograph each day.

Mrs. Tamara Fellows, 7th grade Social Studies teacher at the Kennett Middle School, took notice of the project and not only decided to involve her students in the project, but to also offer her time and expertise by creating a webpage for Mrs. Little.

Mrs. Fellows’ students have taken an ardent interest in the project, and are learning very valuable lessons in gratitude.  The students’ handiwork can be viewed in the KMS section of the website.

On March 18, 2017, Mrs. Little plans to partner with the Mala Galleria to launch “a movement of gratitude” in historic Kennett Square. Participation in the project is free, and all residents and businesses are invited and encouraged to participate.

Mrs. Fellows also maintains a website that she created for her students. Please visit the site: