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Failure is an option! If things aren’t failing, you’re not innovating enough. –Elon Musk
From CERN to the ISS, Here Are 9 Big Tech Projects That Changed the World
1-Computing/cloud computing
-Explore  the History of Computers
-Intel Starts Testing Smallest ‘Spin Qubit’ Chip for Quantum Computing
-World’s Largest ARM-Based Supercomputer Launched, as Exascale Heats Up
The ‘World’s Tiniest Computer’ is Smaller Than a Grain of Rice. Much Smaller. 
-When We Run Out of Room For Data, Scientists Want to Store it in DNA 
The Largest Flash Drives
There’s Now Proof That Quantum Computing is Superior to the Classical Variety 
HP Blasts a Supercomputer Into Orbit and It’s (Mostly) Still in One Piece
USB4 Is Coming, and It’ll Have Data Transfer Speeds As Fast As Thunderbolt 3
Physicists Reverse Time for Tiny Particles Inside a Quantum Computer
It Took Half a Ton of Hard Drives to Store the Black Hole Image Data
Microsoft Windows XP Is Finally Dead, Nearly 18 Years Post-Launch
Do you own a drone? Or do you just want to find out how individuals and industries will use drones in the future...
Then be sure to check out-
World’s Fastest Ever Delivery Drone Could Deliver Medical Supplies in U.S.
VTOL Drone Can Evacuate Wounded Soldiers and Disaster Victims, Deliver Cargo 
In the Future, Potholes Could be Repaired by Asphalt-Printing Drones 
Caltech Is Training Drones To ‘Herd’ Flocks of Birds. Here’s Why
Watch This Giant ‘Lego’ Helicopter Drone Take to the Skies 
The U.S. Air Force Completes First Test Flight of New Valkyrie Combat Drone 
3-Machine learning/Robotics
Will robots and artificial intelligence (AI) benefit mankind or be its adversary?
Find out more-
Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Can Do Parkour
Tokyo Robotic Warehouse Needs Almost No Human Workers 
Robot Uprising a Step Closer With Plan for Factory Where They Build Themselves 
NASA Dreams of Fueling Up Its Rockets at a Gas Station on Mars by 2038
Ubtech’s New and Improved Robot Assistants Take a Bow at CES 2019 
Body Surrogate Robot Helps People With Motor Impairments Care For Themselves 
Robotic Bees Are Set to Invade the International Space Station
NASA is Building an Inflatable Space Robot Named King Louie
Ford’s Bipedal Delivery Robot Can Walk Straight Up To Your Doorstep
4-3D Printing
3D printing technology is allowing industries ranging from automotive to medicine to 'print' complex shapes that heretofore would have to be manufactured (if capable of being manufactured) at a much greater cost-
Researchers Can Now Create 3D-Printed Structures Made Entirely of Liquid
Carbon Fiber Bikes May Become a Whole Lot Cheaper With 3D-Printed Frames 
Scientists Can 3D Print Human Heart Tissue Now. The Future is Here 
3D-Printed Paste Could Hold Buildings Together Amid Natural Disasters 
3D Printing Could Help Regrow Bones of Injured Combat Veterans 
Patient Receives 3D-Printed Rib Implant in Breakthrough Procedure 
Check out 3D Printing In Space: A New Dimension (Photo Gallery)
5-Space Exploration 
A variety of articles describing technological advances in space exploration and Astronomy-

Curiosity Rover Finds Ancient 'Building Blocks for Life' on Mars

China Makes Historic 1st Landing on Mysterious Far Side of the Moon
Take a Look at Earth From Virgin Galactic
French Space Agency Unveils Reusable Rocket Modeled After Falcon 9 
The Hubble Space Telescope Has a New Camera Glitch
SpaceX Crew Dragon Splashes Down in Atlantic to Cap Historic Test Flight
Watch a New US-Russian Crew Launch to Space Station This Pi Day!
Mars Had Big Rivers for Billions of Years
NASA's Mars Helicopter is Ready to Take Flight on the Red Planet
Scientists May Have Pinpointed the Source of Mars’ Methane
First-Ever Black Hole Image Revealed
Katie Bouman is the 29 Year Old Graduate Student Responsible for the First Image of a Black Hole
NASA Chooses SpaceX to Launch Asteroid-Walloping Mission
The Best Hubble Space Telescope Images of All Time!-And More!!
Jeff Bezos Reveals Plans for the Moon and Beyond
SpaceX Starlink Satellites Dazzle But May Cause Headaches for Astronomers
Scientists Cook Up a New Way to Make Breathable Oxygen on Mars
How Space Station and Moon Missions Will Prep Astronauts for Mars
NASA's Mars Helicopter Whirls Through Tests on Way to 2020 Launch
NASA's Mighty Moon Launcher Moves to Rocket Pad for Solo Testing
Watch a SpaceX Rocket Generate 2 Sonic Booms and Land in This Amazing Video
SpaceX's Mars-Colonizing 'Starship' Prototype Coming Together in Texas (Photos)
Photos: Jupiter, the Solar System's Largest Planet
Novel advances in medicine and medical technology offers the promise of tackling incurable diseases and increased longevity-

CRISPR Gene Editing May Have Unanticipated Side Effects
Scientists Complete the First Successful Transplant of Lab-Grown Lungs
Here’s How Stanford Scientists Measured the Speed of Death
Why Your Immune System is Key in the Fight Against Cancer
Removing ‘Zombie Cells’ in the Brain Could Help Battle the Effects of Dementia
Johns Hopkins’ Lab-Grown Human Retina Could Lead to Big Insights 
Chinese Doctors Have Reportedly Delivered the World’s First Gene-Edited Babies
Could Space Mice Help Us Develop Anti-Aging Treatments Here On Earth?
Scientists Identify Key Genes Involved in Salamander Limb Regeneration
We May Finally Know What Causes Alzheimer’s – And How To Stop It
Watch Genetically Modified T-Cells Attack Cancer Cells
Scientists Build a Self-Healing, Stretchable Electronic Skin
Scientists Develop New Laser That Can Find and Destroy Cancer Cells in the Blood
7-Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is changing the way industry does business-

Simulation Nation: How Companies Use VR to Create the Future
Making Virtual Reality: How Creators Embrace a New Medium
Building Technology for the VR Era
Ford Designers Use Virtual Reality Tech to Draw Cars Around Themselves 
8-Material Science
Advances in material science and nanotechnology  are resulting in much lighter, much stronger materials-

Stanford"s Surprise Discovery May Lead to New Breakthrough Metamaterials
The Radical New Metal that's Stronger than Steel
Electronics That Repair Themselves Might Be Possible With New Liquid Metal Transitor
MIT’s New Ultrafine, Ultrastrong Fibers Could Make Future Body Armor Tougher
Lasers Used to Create Negative Mass Particles
Tractor Beam Breakthrough Could Lead to Levitating Humans
Scientists Have Figured Out How to Make Wood Even Stronger Than Steel
Stanford’s ‘Diamond Anvil’ Technology Could be a Game-Changer for Chemistry
Move Over Graphene! Gallenene is the Latest 2D Material on the Block
Nuclear Scientists at CERN Discover Color of Antimatter, Hope to Learn Much More
Sorry, Spider-Man! Newly Developed Bio-Fiber is Even Stronger Than Spider Silk 
Solar-Powered Nanoscale Coating Could Defrost Frozen Car Windows 
Engineers In the U.K. Unveil the World’s First Graphene-Skinned Airplane 
This New "Super Wood" Is as Strong as Steel-and Check Out Transparent Wood!
Regular Paints and Plastics Will Soon Be Able to 'Heal' LIke Skin
NASA, MIT Design Hollow Morphing Airplane Wing
Bye Bye Styrofoam? New Plant-Based Material Vows to Kick Insulation Butt
In a Lab Accident, Scientists Create the First-Ever Permanently Magnetic Liquid
Researching and developing energy solutions for future generations...

The World’s First Nuclear Fusion Plant is Now Halfway to ‘First Plasma’
New Material Efficiently Generates Hydrogen from Water
MIT’s Latest iInvention Pulls Clean Drinking Water Out of Thin Air
World’s Largest Battery on a Desert Solar Farm Would Triple Tesla’s Record 
These Living Solar Cells Make Energy, Even in Bad Weather
Stanford Scientists Created a Sound So Loud It Instantly Boils Water
From driverless vehicles to hypersonic passenger jets to ultrafast underground rail systems, transportation systems are evolving at an incredible rate-

Elon Musk’s New Idea Involves Boring Company Rock and Ancient Egyptian Sites
Two Chinese Firms Can 3D Print an Electric Car in Three Days, Sell it for $10K
Elon Musk Wants to Whisk You From New York to D.C. in 30 Minutes
Lamborghini’s Electric Supercar Won’t Contain Batteries; It Will Be One 
Bosch and Daimler Are Teaming Up for a Fully Autonomous Car Powered by Nvidia
Airbus Zephyr Solar Aircraft Breaks Record for Longest Flight
Georgia Is Paving the Way For a High-Tech, Sustainable Highway 
How General Motors is Preparing for an Electric, Autonomous, Connected Future
Quantum-Based Accelerometer Can Locate Objects Without GPS
Hypersonic Rocket Engine Passes Testing Milestone
Florida Allows Autonomous Cars to Drive On Its Roads Without Human Supervision 
How will new advances in technology effect the way we live??

8 Things Kids Born in 2018 Will Never Experience, Thanks to Technology
Architects around the Globe are Exploring “Vertical Land” to Solve Homelessness
Runner Will Compete in Boston Marathon Wearing 3D-Printed Flip-Flops
Prime Delivery, Straight From the Moon? Bezos Dreams of Heavy Industry in Space
Make it so! 8 ‘Star Trek’ Technologies That Actually Exist Now (Sort Of) 
How Close Are We to Living in ‘The Jetsons’? Checking in on Our Smart-Home Future
The Brava Oven Uses Light – And Seemingly Magic – To Cook. It Changes Everything. 
From Robot Insects To Human-Sniffing Sensors, This Rescue Tech Could Save Lives
Gene Editing Can Reverse Balding and Wrinkling in Mice — and Maybe Humans, Too 
How Tech Turned a 700-Year-Old City Into One of Europe’s Most Futuristic 
Winners of NASA’s Habitat Competition Offer a Glimpse of Martian Living 
Giant NASA Space Laser Satellite Will Gauge Climate Change’s Impact on Ice Sheets
New ‘Gene Drive’ Can Wipe Out Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes
HoloLens 3 Headset Could Resemble Reading Glasses With an Infinite Field of View
Using CRISPR to Resurrect the Dead
Made In Space to Step Up Off-Earth Production of Valuable Optical Fiber
Astronauts Make First Cement in Space to Support Future Martian Habitats
Interested in photography???
Check Out These ‘Cool’ Photos Taken With a Lens Made From Sea Ice 
True Vision: An Interview With Celebrity Photographer Matthew Jordan Smith
Photographer Dixie Dixon on Camera Tech, Inspiration, and Shooting Fashion
Exclusive: We Take the First Shots With the Nokia PureView 9’s 5-Camera System 
13-Just Because….
Stuff that wouldn't fit anywhere else...
The Self-Solving Rubic's Cube
Ancient Continent Discovered Beneath the Ice of Antarctica
NASA Lab Re-Creates the Setting for the Potential Origin of Life 
Photos: Ancient Human Remains from Beneath the North Sea
Earth's Last Magnetic-Pole Flip Took Much Longer Than We Thought
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