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What’s New for 2019-2020
Please refer to KCSD Services and Programs for a comprehensive list of all technology systems/programs and the staff member(s) that provide support for these programs

You are responsible for your District laptop!
If you choose not to take your laptop home either overnight, on weekends, or on extended breaks, then please secure it in a locked space in your classroom. You may also contact the Technology Department. We can safely store it for you.

The Schoology Newsletter


Want to learn something new? Or simply confused??? The Tutorials page is a listing of education-related training websites designed to clarify and simplify the KCSD technology initiatives.

   Bits & Bytes       
The Bits & Bytes page provides useful tips on everyday laptop maintenance and what to do when your computer turns a blind eye to your projector.                                                       

The Cost of Technology
Repairing laptops, both student and staff, can be both time-consuming and expensive (not to mention inconvenient for the user). The Cost of Technology page provides some simple do(s) and don’t(s) to keep your laptop out of the hospital (or the graveyard).

 Did You Know?
The Did You Know page provides some useful information to make your teaching experience just a bit easier.

    Email Etiquette Guidelines
Don’t be rude…..

Laptop Return Procedure for Long Term Absence  
 Leaving us for a while???

Introducing the Dell Member Purchase Program 
Interested in a New Dell Computer?