KCSD Technology Application

Don’t Get Left Behind… 

Don’t be the one looking at your fellow teachers with ENVY!!  Submit your application for new technology equipment before it’s too late!

It’s that time of year! Included within the proposed 2018-19 Technology Plan is the tentative refresh of some/all computers dedicated to your grade level/team/course. In order to assure we secure the devices that best meet the needs of your students, the expectation is that all those teaching a particular course/grade level, collectively submit a KCSD Technology Application to be reviewed by the Administrative team.

Included within the Application is a section pertaining to Program Integration. Please be sure to list all the programs/Apps/software/websites typically accessed by students using your current devices. This information, along with the Hardware feedback, is critical in helping us gauge the best solution moving forward, as well as the areas we need to address. Below is the link to the Application followed by directions for completing. Please take notice of the four critical questions that need to be addressed within the Application as well as the March 1st deadline. Please be aware that although the District continues to do everything possible to meet the requests included within Applications that are submitted, the timeline for purchasing is determined by the availability of funding as well as other factors to assure the effective implementation and maintenance of the proposed resources.

We also wanted to share a recent trend we’ve been noticing in regards to the allocation of student devices. Teams at all levels have taken a more strategic approach to allocating resources and moved towards dedicated, classroom cabinets versus shared carts. Over the past 3 years, this approach has lead to an increase in overall instructional time and student productivity, while dramatically reducing downtime and overall damages to laptops due to eliminating the need to transport devices and/or carts when sharing with multiple classes. Just something to consider as you and your team complete the Application.

If you have any questions or would like to touch base to discuss the process and/or questions included within the Application, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, if you’re interested in piloting a newer device as you complete your Application, especially if you’re interested in exploring the Chromebooks, please let me know and we’ll coordinate with you and your team.

Below is a link to the Application as well as directions for completing it:

KCSD Technology Application​

  1. Go to File > Make a copy
  2. Rename file within Google Drive
  3. Share with the members of your team
  4. Dedicate 2016-17 to collecting data & feedback, then complete Application
    • ​​​​​How do we know the specific strategies & resources currently in place are effective in increasing student achievement?
    • How will we expand on what’s working to better address students’ individual needs, ultimately improving student achievement?
    • How will the effectiveness of the new resources be evaluated? Is this measurable?  
    • What specific software / hardware are necessary for effective integration? Is this sustainable?
  5. Share with Dan & Admin Team for your building – DEADLINE FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS is March 1, 2018 and no late submissions can be accepted. ​

Dan Maguire
Supervisor of Technology Services
Kennett Consolidated School District

CONNECT – https://connect.kcsd.org/