The Cost of Technology

  • While we realize that accidental damage does occur, we encourage teachers and staff to be vigilant for malicious behavior. Actively monitor student use and assess the laptop/desktop after every use. This can be accomplished in less then 1-2 minutes. Please report negligent or malicious behavior and submit a work order IMMEDIATELY if there is an issue.  Students and staff are strongly encouraged to use District-issued technology responsibly and wisely.
  • The cost for damages to student laptops exceeding normal wear and tear will be charged directly to the building/department. Repeated damages to the same cart/cabinet will result in the removal of devices from use. Damages & repairs will be tracked by the Technology Department within the new Web Helpdesk Asset Manager.
  • We will no longer repair laptops damaged due to liquid spills. Please keep all liquids away from District-issued technology!
  • This year we have had a rash of incidences where the pins in the in the Dell 3340/3350 laptop ethernet ports have been bent or broken. This severely inhibits our department’s ability to image the laptops during the summer. We believe that the damage is not intentional or malicious, but results from the close proximity of the power port to the ethernet port on the laptops. (They are right next to each other). We believe that students are inadvertently plugging the laptop power chord into the ethernet port, thereby damaging the wires. Please make students aware of this problem and have them look carefully when they plug the power chords into the laptops.

Damaged Staff Laptops and the KCSD Technology Laptop Insurance Program

KCSD staff members are eligible to enroll in an optional laptop insurance program administered by the KCSD Technology department. This program is designed to defray the cost of accidental (non-warranty) damage. The cost of the coverage is tiered:

Tier 1: Cost = $25.00/yr. This covers most minimal laptop damage such as a cracked casing incurred when your kids drop your laptop. The normal cost to repair this type of damage  can range between $50-$100 per incident.

Tier 2: Cost = $50.00/yr. This covers more extensive damage such as system board replacement due to a liquid spill when your kids spill Coke all over the laptop.The normal cost to repair this type of damage  can range between $101-$225 per incident.

Tier 3: Cost = $75.00/yr. This covers the most extensive type of damage such as a cracked LCD touchscreen repacement normally incurred when your kids, frustrated with their homework assignment, decide to take out their frustration on your laptop. (Can also be caused by placing a paperclip or pencil on the keyboard vand closing the lid). The normal cost to repair this type of damage is normally $245 per incident.

The normal enrollment is during our annual laptop inspection (see Annual Staff Laptop Laptop Update) but can occur at any time during the school year.

You can view the insurance form: KCSD Staff Laptop Insurance Form. These forms are available from the Technology Department.