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1-Computing/Cloud Computing
-Explore the History of Computers
-What is cloud computing? For a great description of the pros and cons of cloud computing, please
-Check out the article What is Cloud Computing? from PC Magazine.
-You can also check out How Cloud Computing Works from HowStuffWorks.
-No more copper wires?  Take a look at Silicon Photonics.
-Quantum Computing will make your PC  look like a calculator.
-Google, NASA Will Install D-Wave’s Latest 2,000-Qubit Quantum Computer at Ames
-Hewlett Packard Enterprise Sends Supercomputer into Space to Accelerate Mission to Mars
-Microsoft's Quantum Computing Programming Language is a Big Step Forward
 -The 5 Biggest Computing Trends to Watch for at CES 2018
 -Intel Unveils ‘Breakthrough’ Quantum Computer
 -Science Takes a Step Toward Real-Life Lightsabers
 -Three Ways Artificial Intelligence is Good for Society
-From Smartphones to Airbags, MEMs Sensors Make the World Work
 -Tomorrow’s Laptop Will Work More Like Your Phone — and You’re Going to Love It
-IBM and the Department of Energy Show Off World’s Fastest Supercomputer, 'Summit'
Drones Will Fly People Around Dubai This Summer Drone Innovation Trends to Watch in 2017
Designing a Digital Traffic System for Commercial Drones
How Do You Get Kids Into Coding? Tynker and Parrot Let Them Use It To Fly Drones
Delivery Drones Just Set a New Distance Record For Transporting Blood Samples
Drone Cinematographers Capture Unsullied Places
Researchers Deploy Test Drones to Track Arctic Polar Bears
University of Michigan Hopes New Drone Facility Pushes Students to Great Heights
Drone Careers Take Off
3-Machine Learning-Robotics
 How the Next Generation is Building Artificial Intelligence
A Robot Named Heliograf Got Hundreds of Stories Published Last Year
Greater Body Awareness May Make This Robot an Ace at Helping With Everyday Tasks
Filled With Liquid Metal, This Robot Skin is More Sensitive Than the Real Thing
Using AI to Discover the Moon’s Hidden Treasures
Deep Learning vs Machine Learning-What's the Difference Between the Two?
New DNA Nanorobots Successfully Target and Kill off Cancerous Tumors
Virtual Reality Training Ground Helps Robots Prepare for the Real World
These White-Hat Twitter Bots Collaborate to Solve Chemistry Problems
Doctors Can Steer This Robot Through Your Guts With An Xbox-Style Controller
Documentary ‘Do You Trust This Computer?’ Free to Stream Courtesy of Elon Musk
Scared yet? Boston Dynamics’ Humanoid Robot Can Now Jog Freely
From Drones to Bionic Arms, Here Are 8 Examples of Amazing Mind-Reading Tech
How Amazon’s Robot Warehouses Swing Into Action the Moment You Press ‘Buy’
AI Found a Planet Outside of Our Solar System—Can It Find More?
An IBM Computer Debates Humans, and Wins, in a New, Nuanced Competition
MIT Researchers Develop a Robot System Controlled by Brainwaves
SpaceX Delivers CIMON, Along With Berries and Ice Cream, at ISS
MIT Creates Blind Robot That Sees With Its Feet
These Gun-Toting, Weight-Lifting Russian Robots Might Fly to Space in 2019
OpenAI Robotic Hand Learns How to Work Without Human Examples
Robotic Exoskeletons Help Ford Employees Build Cars Worldwide
Replaced By Robots: 10 Jobs That Could Be Hit Hard By the A.I. Revolution
The Future of Air Travel Is Full of Cute, Dog-Sized Robots
An Autonomous Sailboat Successfully Crosses Atlantic Ocean


4-3D Printing
 How Do 3D Printers Work? Here’s a Super Simple Breakdown
New 6-axis 3D Printer Can Print Complex Objects with Gravity-Defying Overhangs
3D Printing Healthcare
Why Automakers are in Love With 3D Printing
NASA Wants to 3D Print Habitats With Metal Extracted from Martian Soil
Crazy New Metamaterial Bricks Let Scientists ‘Steer’ Soundwaves, Levitate Small Objects
Meet Project Skywalker: a Fully-Automated 3D Printing Factory Operated by a Robotic Arm
Bacteria May Be the Key to Future 3D-Printed Bespoke Materials
Scientists Get 3D-Bioprinted Human Cells to Grow Inside Live Mice
NASA has Developed a Futuristic 3D-Printed ‘Space Fabric’
Lab-Grown Capillaries are Here, 3D-Printed Organs are Just Around the Corner
It’s Alive! These ‘Living Tattoos’ May Someday Monitor Your Health
This Twisted Metal Bridge in Amsterdam Was 3D Printed by Welding Robots
5-Space Exploration
Italian Researchers Discover What They Believe Is a Lake Under Ice Cap On Mars
Everything You Need to Know About the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket
Water is Not Only Available on Mars, It’s Easily Accessible, NASA Finds
NASA Just Tested the Tiny Nuclear Reactor it Could Use for a Martian Colony
Watch NASA Test Fire a Giant Rocket Engine for its Mighty Space Launch System
Air-Fueled Ion Thruster Could Provide Unlimited Power for Space Missions
NASA’s Next Planet Hunter is Ready to Find Undiscovered Worlds
NASA’s Virtual Tour of the Moon in 4K Will Blow Your Mind
NASA Reveals Its Plans to Have Astronauts Orbiting the Moon by 2025
‘Mars, Here I Come!’ NASA’s InSight Launches on a Six-Month Journey
NASA Will Send a Tiny Drone Helicopter to Fly Through the Martian Skies
China is Creating a ‘Magpie Bridge’ to the Far Side of the Moon
NASA’s Planet-Hunting Satellite Sends Back Its First Image — and It’s Amazing
These Astronauts Will Whiz Around Earth 34 Times Before Reaching Space Station
Expedition 56: The Space Station Mission in Photos
Scientists Think a Form of Bacteria Could Help Make Mars Hospitable to Humans
Oops! This Crash-tastic Video Shows Why Rocket Launches aren’t easy
Airbus to Build Mars Rover to Get First Soil Samples Back to Earth
December Space Launch Could Make Israel Fourth Country to Land on Moon
NASA is Teaming Up With the United Arab Emirates to Send Humans Into Space
NASA’s Opportunity Rover Is Stuck In a Giant Dust Storm That Won’t End For Months
Kepler Space Telescope’s Last Gasp is Next Week
Mars Is As Near To Earth As It’s Been In 15 Years, So Hubble Took Some Photos
Curiosity Rover Begins Its 7th Year on Mars Still Going Strong
NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Sets Out to Try and ‘Touch’ the Sun
SpaceX to Send Japanese Billionaire on Moon Trip, But He Won’t Be Going Alone
NASA’s Planet Hunter Satellite Gets First Hit in its Search for Another Earth
They Made It! Japan's Two Hopping Rovers Successfully Land on Asteroid Ryugu
Ancient Mars Had Energy Source for Potential Life Underground
Hayabusa Sends Back Photos and Video From Surface of Asteroid Ryugu
NASA Sets New Roadmap for Moon Base, Crewed Missions to Mars
Biologists Have Found a Hormone That Could Make Space Farming Possible
A NASA Spacecraft Just Broke the Record for Closest Approach to Sun
Mars 2020 Rover Will Land at Ancient Lakebed to Search for Signs of Life
Soar Over NASA's InSight Landing Site on Mars in This Stunning Video
Probe Headed for Mercury Fires Most Powerful Ion Drive Ever Built
Saturn's Rings Are Beautiful, But They Won't Last
SpaceX Crew Dragon Splashes Down in Atlantic to Cap Historic Test Flight Watch a New US-Russian Crew Launch to Space Station This Pi Day! Mars Had Big Rivers for Billions of Years NASA's Mars Helicopter is Ready to Take Flight on the Red Planet Scientists May Have Pinpointed the Source of Mars’ Methane First-Ever Black Hole Image Revealed Katie Bouman is the 29 Year Old Graduate Student Responsible for the First Image of a Black Hole NASA Chooses SpaceX to Launch Asteroid-Walloping Mission The Best Hubble Space Telescope Images of All Time!-And More!! Jeff Bezos Reveals Plans for the Moon and Beyond SpaceX Starlink Satellites Dazzle But May Cause Headaches for Astronomers Scientists Cook Up a New Way to Make Breathable Oxygen on Mars How Space Station and Moon Missions Will Prep Astronauts for Mars NASA's Mars Helicopter Whirls Through Tests on Way to 2020 Launch NASA's Mighty Moon Launcher Moves to Rocket Pad for Solo Testing Watch a SpaceX Rocket Generate 2 Sonic Booms and Land in This Amazing Video SpaceX's Mars-Colonizing 'Starship' Prototype Coming Together in Texas (Photos)

CRISPR Explained: The Revolutionary Tool That's Transforming Genetic Engineering
Technology Brings Spatial Awareness to People with Vision Loss
Researchers One Step Closer to Reversing Hearing Loss
Using Precision Medicine to Tackle Cancer
This Google Algorithm Can Detect Cancer More Accurately than a Human Doctor
Discovery Could Reverse Aging and Help Us Live on Mars
Young blood: Scientists Say This Protein Could Be Key to Reversing Aging Process
Digital Natives Push for Personalized Healthcare Technology
Swiss Scientists Just 3D Printed an Artificial Heart That Beats Like the Real Thing
New Stem Cell-Based Implant Offers a ‘Functional Cure’ for Type 1 Diabetes
New CRISPR Technique Could Accelerate a Cure For Huntington's Disease and ALS
VR Could Trick Stroke Victims' Brains Toward Recovery Kevlar Finds a Use Beyond Bulletproof Vests — As a Cartilage Replacement
New DNA Vaccine Could Lead to a One-Dose Universal Vaccine for the Flu
Implantable Miniature Robot Helps Correct Defects in Internal Organs
Smartglasses From eSight are Changing Blind People’s Lives by Enabling Them to See
Broccoli and Reprogrammed Gut Bacteria Team Up to Battle Cancer
CRISPR Gene Editing May Have Just Become a Whole Lot More Accurate
This E-skin is Not Only Self-Healing, It’s Totally Recyclable Too
Celularity Turns to Placenta Stem Cells to Try to Extend Life
A Pioneering Stem Cell Treatment Restores Eyesight in Nearly Blind Patients
Harvard’s New Skin-Style Bandages Heal Wounds at an Accelerated Rate
Scientists Nix Alzheimer’s-Causing Brain Plaques in Mice. Could Humans Be Next?
This ‘Skin Printer’ is Like a Magic Wand for Healing Wounds
Doctors in Britain Are Zeroing in on a Universal Cure for the Common Cold
Scientists Use CRISPR to Block HIV Replication Inside Living Cells
8 Amazing CRISPR Projects That Could Change Life as We Know It
Scientists May Soon be Able to Treat Autism With CRISPR Gene Editing 
Futuristic Bandage Can Monitor Wounds and Deliver Drug Treatment
7-Other Stuff-
Enjoy your freedom-How Two Families Fled Communist Oppression in East Germany in a Homemade Hot Air Balloon
Which personality will win?  AC vs DC-The Current War