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Please refer to KCSD Services and Programs for a comprehensive list of all technology systems/programs and the staff member(s) that provide support for these programs

 The KCSD Technology Department

  • Dan MaguireSupervisor of Technology Services
  • Mark Fisher–  Assist. Supervisor (Phones, Network/Wireless Issues)
  • Bob Wilson–    Staff & Student Accounts/Email, Network Issues
  • Brad Shomo–   Help Desk, Windows Support, Equipment Repairs
  • Ken Altizer–     Windows Software Packaging and Deployment/Help Desk
  • Mike Donovan–  Mac Software Packaging/Deployment, iPads, Chromebooks
  • Steve Rinehart–  Windows & Mac Support, Equipment Repairs, Kennection

                                               For All Skyward Inquiries

  • Kevin Bridges–    Manager of Information Systems
  • Tom RyanData Anaylst

Please submit a Technology Work Order for all non-emergency support questions/issues regarding these programs.(The Work Order system has been recently modified to reflect the addition of Kevin and Tom).

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 Technology Spotlight

The Technology Spotlight emphasizes the technology being used by both teachers and students to enhance the learning experience. We are proud to focus our technology spotlight on the students and staff of:

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