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Please take a look at this video that promotes Kennett’s successes during the Covid-19 closure

Celebrating Kennett

                 For Teachers and Staff   

*Mike Donovan from our Tech Department has discovered the The Digital Resource Jackpot!
                          (this is a must see for both students and teachers!)
*This is a great resource for teachers using Zoom sessions with students:
Zoom for Students

Note: We are transitioning staff and administrative email services from Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Office 365. Once your account has been transitioned, you will notice that visually Office 365 is much smoother than Outlook. We will also be transitioning from Zoom teleconferencing to Microsoft Teams.

*To  find out what else is going on in the Technology Department, check out the Kennection Newsletter. 
*Please refer to KCSD Services and Programs for a comprehensive list of all technology systems/programs and the staff member(s) that provide support for these program.                                      
*Here are some helpful tips for New Staff
*See What Other School Districts are Doing… Check Out Technology in the Classroom
*One of Our Own is an Aspiring Best-Sellling Author. Joy Rosser (KMS Sixth Grade Science) and co-author Anthony Barber have written Sharing Mindsets: Where Classrooms and Businesses Meet.
*11 Best Hidden Windows 10 Tricks to Know Now That You’ve Upgraded From Windows 7

Technology News

NASA Picks Moon Catapults, Lasers, Electricity and Other Wild Lunar Projects for Student Contest
NASA Calls on Students to Submit Proposals for Moon and Mars Missions
Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free, Here’s How

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