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    It’s amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.

                                                                                                                                                       Kelly Johnson

 For Teachers and Staff   

To  find out what’s  going on in the Technology Department, check out the Kennection Newsletter. 
Take a look at the KMS Summer STEM Camp
Please refer to KCSD Services and Programs for a comprehensive list of all technology systems/programs and the staff member(s) that provide support for these program.                                      
Did you pack your rod and bait? Take the Google Phishing Quiz
We have had some complaints regarding the new Dell laptops running slowly. After some investigation, it was determined that the users had not restarted the units for long periods of time. Please restart your laptops at least once a week to keep them running at an optimal level. Restarting the units will also enable Windows software updates to be installed.
Here are some helpful tips for New Staff

Technology News

NASA Calls on Students to Submit Proposals for Moon and Mars Missions
The Orion Spacecraft for NASA’s 2020 Trip Around the Moon Is Ready to Go (Photo)
Scientists Who Captured First Black Hole Image Win $3 Million Prize
For the latest on the Mars Insight rover, please go to

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